Staff Picks

You'll find yourself binge-reading practicing therapist Lori Gottlieb's memoir, which tells parallel stories about the clients she's working with as well as the ongoing saga of her own experience in therapy. She's a great storyteller who lets the therapy process reveal itself naturally, but at the same time also provides a lot of concise information about the theories underlying various schools of therapeutic practice. Really, one of the best books about this magical, life-transforming process I've ever read!


This book is stunning! It's set in 1980's New York City and is simultaneously entrenched in that era and also timeless. 12 year old Olympia (Ollie) is an artist, and the child of artists. Everything is her world is colored through this lens, and made me desperately wish I were an artist too. All of the characters are rich and the descriptions are vivid. Ollie's life is falling apart since her father disappeared to France and her mother refuses to get out of bed. Parts of Ollie's story will definitely be familiar to any child of a parent who suffers from depression, and Tucker handles this very well. This book is full of art, friendship, courage, resilience, and family (biological and found). It's going to be very important to a lot of kids. It is to me! (On Sale June 4th!)


Damon Young's memoir is a side-splitting jaunt into the absurdity, danger, and chaos of being black in the United States. Equal parts heartwarming memoir, race commentary, and gallows humor, Young's essays will make you cry and then laugh and then cry again, sometimes in the same sentence! Being black, for Young, is like an "extreme sport" that one is conscripted into by being born, and he mines his own experience to reveal the rage and sorrows, laments and fears, joys and loves, and also laughter that shine like diamonds because they have been pressed, crushed, broken, and destroyed.


Kate Davies' premier novel is a fast paced, hard hitting roller coaster that had me staying up way past my bedtime to read. The main character Julia, is a lovable and complicated individual who is thrust in to a completely new environment when she realizes that she has been looking for love (and sex) in all the wrong places, mainly men. As she starts to blossom and find her people a new girlfriend sends her spiraling in ways she isn't sure she wants. This book takes a hard look at all the relationships we engage in (romantic and otherwise) and how they can challenge us, destroy us, and ultimately save us. Davies' writing is honest and thought provoking while creating an engaging (and funny!) narrative that you'll want to follow through all it's twist and turns. (warning for mature content) (on sale June 4th!)

-- Caleigh