Staff Picks

The latest novel from the Man Booker prize winning author Marlin James, Black Leopard Red Wolf, is an epic fantasy set in Africa, introducing us to a world James will be exploring over the course of a planned trilogy. A dizzying array of rich landscapes, memorable and unique characters, and plenty of twists and turns in a kaleidoscope tale are presented by a novelist skilled at bringing worlds --real ones and imaginary-- to life. This is the book for anyone looking for a Game of Thrones type world that divests itself of the well worn tropes of Eurocentric mythology. -Josiah

Miles is my favorite Spider-man and Reynolds is one of the best current YA/middle grade authors. This book deftly tackles family, community, responsibility, and institutionalized racism at an age-appropriate level. -Brooke


A beautiful book that gives voice to a beloved piano and it's journey throughout time and place. The two women who are connected through the instrument are on very separate paths, but their voices are joined together through music and the result is a stunning representation of what it means to be human, to love and to lose. Chris Cander has crafted a stunning narrative that will have you flipping the pages faster than fingers gliding across a piano. As a wonderful added bonus Cander commissioned Skokie Native Konner Scott to write a piece of music to highlight the story's haunting beauty that really sets this book apart. You can listen to it here! -Caleigh