BookCases - Subscription Boxes

Introducing Bookends & Beginnings

Subscription BookCases

Our BookCases contain at least one book plus some extra goodies that are handpicked by a B&B staffer to surprise and delight you. BookCases will arrive at your doorstep four times a year, seasonally, and are perfect for treating yourself or sending as gifts to a friend, parent, grandchild, or anyone in your life! Choose from the Omnivore Case, Genius Case, Creativity Case and Baby Bookworm Case. We’ll also be offering a monthly one book Case-By-Case tailored to your unique tastes in 6 month or 12 month subscriptions.

Yearly Subscription- $180 for 4 boxes                        Each case purchased individually- $50

Add $10 mailing charge per BookCase shipped, no charge if picked up in store.

The Omnivore Case - Curated by Nina

Before opening Bookends & Beginnings, owner Nina Barrett trained as a professional chef and won two James Beard Awards for her radio series on food anxiety called “Fear of Frying.” Her Omnivore Case is intended to help you cook more from scratch, pay attention to seasonality, explore foods and techniques that you might not otherwise try, and just generally become a better home cook. The cases include cookbooks, books about specific foods or techniques, and exceptionally wonderful writing about food, along with herbs, condiments, nibbles, gadgets, and other treats to enhance your foodie enjoyment! Plus you get one secret recipe from Nina’s home recipe journal!

The Baby Bookworm Case - Curated by Brooke

This case is a perfect gift for new parents, and a great way to start instilling a lifelong love of reading. Curated for ages 0-2 years, the case will feature an assortment of engaging board books and Indestructibles, as well as a onesie or t-shirt in the appropriate size. Other items may include literary baby socks, plush toys, or other fun goodies. It’s never too early to love books!

The Creativity Case - Curated by Lotte

Looking to spark your creativity? Whether you’re in a creative career industry or you’re looking to focus your hobbies, this BookCase will get your juices flowing. The featured book might be a creative journal, a book about the arts, or advice for creatives, and we’ll also include writing instruments, cards by local and famous artists, some fun games and accessories for when you’re not creating, and a seasonal creativity prompt! 

The Case-by-Case

If you just want books, this is the box for you. You or your designated recipient will receive a monthly hardcover or paperback based on your preferences! You can choose nonfiction, fiction, or a mix of both and you’ll tell us a bit about your interests so we can send you the perfect book! This box will go out monthly or bi-monthly as opposed to the quarterly cases and so is priced differently.

6 Month Subscription- (6 books) 

Paperback- $150

Hardcover- $220

Yearly Subscription- (12 books)

Paperback- $300

Hardcover- $440

The Teens & Tweens Case-by-Case

6 Month Subscription- (6 books) 

Paperback- $90

Hardcover- $150

Yearly Subscription- (12 books)

Paperback- $180

Hardcover- $300