Small Business Saturday November 30!

Small Business Saturday at Bookends & Beginnings is always a time to celebrate our own community with festive events and author appearances. Locally-owned businesses generate substantially more economic benefit to the local economy than chain or online businesses!


June 1- August 10

So school's out! Want to make sure your kids keep advancing their reading skills and have a healthy alternative to too much screen time this summer? Bookends & Beginnings has created a new Summer "READ EVERYWHERE" Challenge for kids ages 5 to 12. The Challenge will run June 1 through August 10 and you can sign up at anytime! To sign up visit our front register, where we will gather some contact information and give you your list of challenges. Our book challenge is different because instead of just focusing on reading a certain number of books, we're encouraging kids to be more thoughtful about where, and what, they're reading with challenges like "read a book outside" and "read a book that has some words in a different language." As a helpful bonus, all of these challenges can be completed with books from the District 65 summer reading list. We've put together 20 challenges. ( you will recieve an email with the secret 20th Challenge in July!) One book can count for no more than two challenges. To qualify for prizes of cool stickers and temporary tattoos, you will need to complete at least 5. If you complete all 20, you earn a free book of your choice! Happy reading!